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Validating OpenStack images after building

Hi Steve and everyone else,

This was overdue, but here it is.

In Casulana, under /home/cloud-build/hack/zigo2, you'll find a script
called "image-test". It may be used to validate OpenStack images against
the Stretch version of OpenStack (ie: Newton). Simply do:

cd /home/cloud-build/hack/zigo2
./image-test debian-9-openstack-amd64.qcow2

What it will do is:
1/ Upload the image to the KVM machine
2/ Upload the test-image script which is in the same folder
3/ Run the test-image script within the machine

The test-image script will:
1/ Configure tempest (the functional test suite of OpenStack) to tell
where the image is (ie: in /root, with the filename give as param above)
2/ Run *one* tempest test: tempest.scenario.test_minimum_basic.

What this test does is:

    1. Create image
    2. Create keypair
    3. Boot instance with keypair and get list of instances
    4. Create volume and show list of volumes
    5. Attach volume to instance and getlist of volumes
    6. Add IP to instance
    7. Create and add security group to instance
    8. Check SSH connection to instance
    9. Reboot instance
    10. Check SSH connection to instance after reboot

So, this means the above fails if any of what's below fails:
- the image can't boot
- cloud-init isn't catching the IP correctly and isn't setting-up sshd
keypair correctly
- ssh server isn't working
- attaching a network volume fails
- rebooting fails
- ssh after rebooting fails

IMO, that's kind of basic functional tests which we should have on all
images, ideally using public clouds.

Note that when you run it, it *looks like* nothing is happening, but in
fact the above does take a few minutes to run. So just wait. The result
is printed in stdout.

Steve, do you think you could integrate the image-test script run within
the image build process? I'm particularly interested in having it
integrated in the Debian testing image, so we make sure there's no


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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