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Re: Question about "unofficial firmware images"

Hi Daniele,

On 21 October 2017 at 09:48, Daniele Santu
<danielesantu.lavoro@gmail.com> wrote:
> So, are those images basically Debian with a "standard" (non-Libre) kernel (and so including ALL non-free firmware)?
> Or are those just a regular Debian, with a Libre kernel, and the addings of only some non-free firmware?

The Firmware page on Debian Wiki[1] answers your question:

"Alternatively, we also provide parallel installer image builds that
also include all the non-free firmware packages directly."

So, it's a mix of both alternatives you mentioned: a regular (libre)
Debian kernel + all non-free firmware packages.


[1]: https://wiki.debian.org/Firmware#Firmware_during_the_installation

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