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Re: How to find the Debian DVD Image of Jessie 8

Hello Steve ,

Ok  I got it and thanks your supported :)

2017年10月3日 19:38,"Steve McIntyre" <steve@einval.com>寫道:
On Tue, Oct 03, 2017 at 04:22:10AM -0700, 侯佳良 wrote:
>Hello Steve ,
>I know that 8.9.0 has DVD ISO , but how about debian 8.0 ?

Do you have a particular need for 8.0 specifically? If you install 8.0
and then add updates, you'll get the same thing.

>or 8.0 only can use kiddo for download full image ?

We don't keep full ISO image sets for all images forever, no - please
use jigdo if you want 8.0.

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