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Debian 9 amd64 20170403 installation leaves my HD6790 system with unusable X

Hello to the Debian installer developers, once again, this 4head card is unusable in Debian. It would not work at all on Debian 7 (bug #747218) while it worked on Debian 8. Now it fails to work on Stretch. This time Xorg cannot start at all UNLESS firmware-amd-graphics is installed from command line.I did not file a bug report since I do not want to run reportbug from cli. If the card is unusable on Debian 9 without the firmware why didn't the installer ask for it?

I must also remind you that the kms cannot be turned off since 3.9(?) kernels and that was a quick solution on Debian 7,8. In case the installer team wishes to add f/w request code, the pci device id is 673e. I am almost certain that many other amd gpus will have the same problem and I will check some of my own cards later this week.

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