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Re: Let user choose whether to install security updates.

at bottom :-

On 08/01/2017, Hideki Yamane <henrich@debian.or.jp> wrote:
> Hi,
> On Fri, 9 Dec 2016 02:59:33 +0800
> 奧田愛美 <okudayukiko0@yandex.com> wrote:
>> In some asia countries, download speed that download packages from
>> security.debian.org is very slow.
>  Which Asia country?
>  We already provide security.d.o in Japan and works well for me, so
>  please check which security.d.o mirror you're using.
> $ nslookup security.debian.org
> Server:
> Address:
> Non-authoritative answer:
> Name:   security.debian.org
> Address:
> $ nslookup
> Server:
> Address:
> Non-authoritative answer:
>      name = setoguchi.debian.org.
>  And it's not wise decision to give choice to whether to install
>  security updates - since it is "security" issue, not only problem
>  for its user but it affects other users, by compromised hosts attacks
>  to other users as a part of botnet.
> --
> Regards,
>  Hideki Yamane     henrich @ debian.or.jp/org
>  http://wiki.debian.org/HidekiYamane

I get a slightly different answer -

> nslookup                                                                                                           [96%]

Non-authoritative answer:	name = security.debian.org.

Authoritative answers can be found from:

But whois gives the correct thing that it indeed is a mirror in japan -

> whois

[ JPNIC database provides information regarding IP address and ASN. Its use   ]
[ is restricted to network administration purposes. For further information,  ]
[ use 'whois -h whois.nic.ad.jp help'. To only display English output,        ]
[ add '/e' at the end of command, e.g. 'whois -h whois.nic.ad.jp xxx/e'.      ]

Network Information:
a. [Network Number]   
b. [Network Name]               SAKURA-NET
g. [Organization]               SAKURA Internet Inc.

m. [Administrative Contact]     KT749JP
n. [Technical Contact]          JP00072233
p. [Nameserver]                 ns1.dns.ne.jp
p. [Nameserver]                 ns2.dns.ne.jp
[Assigned Date]                 2012/05/10
[Return Date]
[Last Update]                   2012/05/10 09:32:05(JST)

Less Specific Info.
SAKURA Internet Inc.

More Specific Info.
No match!!

I do agree with OP that security updates are sometimes late or
sometimes have to update twice or thrice to get security updates.
Dunno though, how and if this can be improved ?

          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
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