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Building cloud images on the debian-cd infrastructure

Hi Steve & debian-cd

As discussed earlier (last year) I would be interested to move the
building of the cloud images (Atlas) I maintain to the debian

The current build setup I use can be done as non privilege user but
requires a strech environment to build because I use the wonderful
packer and the great debian installer to create the images.

Providing you have the required packages on your system
a simple

make jessie.box

creates the necessary image. The packer program creates a kvm instance
and preseed this KVM instance with a ad-hoc *local* http server that the
debian-installer running in the KVM instance accesses.

My questions now would be:
 * is it OK to have a build environment relying on packages in Stretch ?
 * the final step of the build process converts the disk image to the
ovf format of VirtualBox. For this step I use the disk image converter
of VirtualBox. This part of VirtualBox is completely Free Software but
the non-free BIOS of VirtualBox has the effect that the whole package is
in contrib. What is your take on that ? I could write my own
image converter in Perl but this requires work.
 * since my build does not require a privileged user, I hope I could
skip git-petterson. I had a look at git-petterson and when you're not
on petterson it's difficult to get it right ( lot of directories to re
created by trial and error ) After a day of work I was not able to
rebuild the openstack-image and get them outside from the build VM.
Is git-petterson a hard requirement, are you open to alternatives ?

I offer to maintain the whole build setup, so it's not meant to be a
single code drop. I hope to be able to
demo the build process to you at the next sprint (at least on a laptop,
maybe in a VM somewhere in the well, cloud ... :)


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