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Re: Proposal for new Debian image: Vagrant base box

On Wed, Jan 06, 2016 at 06:25:17PM +0100, Emmanuel Kasper wrote:
>Hi steve and debian-cd folks

Hi Emmanuel!

>>> Hmmm - looking at your wiki page, I just see one problem really:
>>> "The build process requires the non-free
>>>  virtualbox-guest-additions-iso package, the rest of the build chain
>>>  and installed packages are DFSG compliant. "
>>> For official images, we won't include non-free components/packages. Is
>>> there any way to avoid this?
>Just to keep you informed on the topic, I split the images one with only
>stuff from main and one with the contrib virtualbox kernel modules.
>These images have been quite popular at the momment ( 300 000 downloads
>since March ) so I'd be happy to push even more of this in Debian.


>Even though everything is still a work in progress, I wanted to ask,
>would it be possible at that point to use the debian cd hardware to
>build those images ? The current point is that everything is done using
>debian infrastructure (git, mailing list, bts ) but I am still building
>the images and uploading the resulting 800 MB of data from a home DSL
>This would also allow stuff like continuous integration.
>Note that the build processes use packer and virtualbox, and that
>requires physical hardware, as Virtualbox do not run nested (boo !) for
>64 bits machines.
>Unfortunately debian-cloud does not have machine of its own, so I though
>it might be good to ask your opinion on this before hunting a sponsor

That shouln't be too much of a problem, I guess. How big is the
working virtualbox image you need to run? We're *starting* to get
short on space on pettersson (our CD/DVD build box), but should be
able to cope unless you need something huge.

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