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Re: functional testing cloud-init (was: cloud-init: backports, stable updates and collaborative maintenance.)

On 11/27/2015 02:04 AM, Charles Plessy wrote:
> Altogehter, help to maintain the cloud-init package is very welcome.  I would
> be pleased to be replaced by somebody who would earn the confidence of the
> users and the release team.  (When I started to package cloud-init, I had much
> more free time, and now it is more than a year that I even did not have time to
> try Debian on the EC2, which is the only public cloud on which I have
> experience).
> By the way, I am preparing an update of the package, but I take the opportunity
> to review all issues in the BTS, so please be patient or contribute to the bug
> cleaning :)  I can upload sooner to Experimental if people would like.  Also,
> there is always `debcheckout -a cloud-init`, it is on collab-maint...

Thanks for working on this Charles. I believe I was the only one who
contributed a bit to this package, wasn't I? I unfortunately can't
invest so much time on it, and would prefer if someone else also stepped
in. This really is the kind of package who could be collaboratively

I've just opened a thread in debian-devel about updating cloud-init and
friends in Stable, to see what others thoughts are. (with, as subject
line: "Accepting cloud enablement package updates into Stable").

FYI, as soon as a new version reaches testing, it will be used for
generating the testing image for OpenStack, which can then be tested.
That's the lazy path of course, and it'd be better if we could test it
prior reaching testing.

I also have a full CI working with OpenStack and tempest (the functional
test suite for OpenStack).

Ideally, we could use this as an integration test for OpenStack and
cloud-init. However, we'd need a machine bootstrapped with Testing (or
Sid?) for each test run, on which we would install OpenStack through the
CI scripts provided by openstack-meta-packages. This would need the help
of the DSA to have it properly setup though.

FYI, a tempest test run takes about 2 hours for me on my test machine,
though we don't need all of this. Just the tests which are spawning a
VM, and trying to ssh into it, would be enough. This would still take
more than an hour of test, as it takes a long time to actually setup
OpenStack on a VM. It would of course run a way faster by skipping some
of the components not needed for this test, and if running on bare metal
(pxe boot?) rather than using Qemu on top of a Xen VM as I do right now.

I'm also concerned that this setup could break if using things from
Testing or Sid. Probably it'd be better to use just Jessie with Jessie
backports, which I test extensively.

Your thoughts? Is there anything we could do with other types of cloud
in an automated way?


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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