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Re: About non-Stable files in Cloud images: create a Blend ? Distribute image builders on ftp.debian.org ? More liberal Stable updates ? (Re: Debian images on Microsoft Azure cloud)

 ❦ 26 novembre 2015 08:25 -0500, Brian Gupta <brian.gupta@brandorr.com> :

>> On the Stable release, we have updates for the Kernel to add new
>> drivers, previously not supported. I really consider that the support of
>> new clouds (for example through an update of cloud-init) is exactly the
>> same kind of thing. Cloud-init is IMO just like a driver for the cloud,
>> which we should be allowed to update, just like for the kernel, and as
>> soon as the diff is minimal. I have very little hope for introducing a
>> new upstream release (I'm almost sure the release team would just refuse
>> that), though perhaps we can do a bit patch of backports.
>> Your thoughts anyone?
> I think that if PPAMAIN existed we might not be having this
> discussion. (Or at the very least it would be a much shorter
> conversation.)
> As you know, public and private cloud APIs move at a much faster rate
> than our ~2-3 year release cadence.
> We all need a way to bring in newer cloud enablement packages. It
> seems to me our theoretical options are either via backports,
> stable-updates, or PPAMAIN, as I don't think convincing the release
> team to make an exception for cloud enablement packages is likely to
> work. Perhaps they will grant us an exception, where the package in
> question is completely broken, but even then it will likely be an
> uphill battle, as we are likely to have dependencies that also need
> updating.

It is not that a fast-paced environment. To drive its adoption among
cloud users, Ubuntu frequently backports updates to their version of
cloud-init to accomodate incompatibilities that may arise. Since the
initial release of Precise, there have been 22 releases for the
cloud-init package:

Make it clear before you make it faster.
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