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Bug#789600: cdimage.debian.org: Missing 'part_gpt' in Release ISO's GRUB EFI -> Debian 8.0 cannot be booted from GPT/FAT32 drive in UEFI mode

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On Mon, Jun 22, 2015 at 03:59:48PM +0100, Pete wrote:
>Package: cdimage.debian.org
>Severity: important
>Tags: newcomer
>Dear Maintainers,
>It appears that the Debian 8.0 "Jessie" ISO release uses a GRUB binary that
>doesn't embed the 'part_gpt' GRUB module.
>Because of this, if you happen to copy the "Jessie" ISO content onto a FAT32
>drive (eg: USB Flash Drive) that was partitioned using GPT, you will end up
>with the GRUB rescue prompt when booting on a UEFI system, as GRUB will not be
>able to locate the installation files on the GPT drive.
>Note that this is only an issue if you copy content into an installation media
>that is GPT: If you use 'dd' to create the installation media from the
>ISOHybrid, or copy the content to a FAT32 drive that uses the MBR partition
>scheme, then the problem does not occur.
>Looking at the GRUB EFI binary's strings from the ISO, it seems that 'part_gpt'
>was not embedded, which in turn prevents the embedded 'grub.cfg' from locating
>the '/.disk/info' marker during the search for the root media, as it cannot
>access GPT volumes.

ACK. I've just added part_gpt to the script which generates the EFI
images in d-i for unstable/testing releases and I'll see about getting
the change backported too.

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