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Re: enhancing openstack-debian-images (was: Debian images on Microsoft Azure cloud)

On 11/10/2015 08:34 PM, Martin Zobel-Helas wrote:
> Microsoft would like to use the Debian name and logo to promote those
> Debian images in the Azure Marketplace.[6]  credativ will maintain and
> enhance those Debian images and Debian developers at credativ will
> accompany this process.

FYI, this should be approved by someone from SPI (who holds the
trademark of Debian). Bdale did this for me so that Debian could appear at:


As for the patches to openstack-debian-images, please be my guest and
propose patches, I'll be very happy to include them. I can also give you
direct access to the Git if you'd like.

To continue on that subject, I'd like to enhance that script to do more.
For example, switching to Grub could allow a better support for Xen
stuff (so that pygrub and friends could be used). Patches for this are
also welcome. More generally, I'd like to get more feedback and

Using libguestfs was proposed to me, which I think is a great idea, so
that we could build images without being root. But this had the drawback
of forcing the use of Python instead of shell script, which would have
make it less hackable and understandable by everyone.

Thoughts anyone?



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