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Re: Problem between priorities of libisofs6 and libjte1


Steve McIntyre wrote:
> Apologies for not responding earlier - swamped with other stuff

I hope i showed the appropriate patience, given the low urgency
of the problem.

> ACK. I'll sort out a dependency change for libjte* shortly. It may
> take a few days to happen, as the priorities of packages are
> *actually* set via ftpmaster overrides.

(Now i have a new Debian term to look up. :))

Do you plan to promote libjte1 to "optional" ?

I downgraded libisofs-dev to "extra" in package VCS meanwhile.
To get into effect with the next release and sponsored package

But now i wonder why there is no complaint about mismatch of
libisofs-dev and libjte-dev on

Is it because in
the package libisofs-dev has no libjte-dev in "Depends:" ?
libjte-dev only shows up in the "Source:" section.

Do i have to add libjte-dev to "Depends:" of libisofs-dev ?
(If so: why does it work without this since oldstable ?)

Have a nice day :)


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