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Re: CD Debian Lenny

Art Grandi wrote:

I would like to acquire a DVD version of  Debian Lenny, in order
to try recovering an ibook G3 Dual (M6497).

I have absolutely no idea of what "ibook G3 Dual (M6497)" states and/or implies. However I would suggest http://cdimage.debian.org/mirror/cdimage/archive/ as a starting point.

CAn you help me in any way?  Do you know of any other Linux
version that might fit this computer, which you would recommend ?

Answers to some questions ;/
 What processor?
 How fast?
 Available memory?
 Mass storage?

  1. find a local LUG (Linux Users Group)
  2. Assuming your machine supports booting from a CD/DVD,
     browse https://www.debian.org/CD/vendors/
  3. Order a selection of "Live CD's" matching your CPU
    (I've found cost to be ~5 USD each (+ possible shipping charge)

I intend to use this machine on the road, mostly  for writing
documents and emails, and editing simple recordings of my guitar.

nice day for all of you that do such a nice work to help people
around the world,

art grandi


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