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debian bittorrent tracker does not work


I am wondering if this is the right mailing list. I got the hint on debian-
user to ask her.

I have tried to download debian ISO images over bittorrent but the tracker 
does not work. Using wget to access the tracker I see

#wget http://bttracker.debian.org:6969/announce
--2015-09-19 09:52:43--  http://bttracker.debian.org:6969/announce
Resolving bttracker.debian.org (bttracker.debian.org)..., 
Connecting to bttracker.debian.org (bttracker.debian.org)||:6969... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... No data received.

This seems to be an issue for at least the last two weeks as far as I 
remember. Anyone knows who can be contacted?



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