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mounting encrypted filesystems in rescue-cd

Dear developers,

I hope, you can help me. I have the following problem:

I am running debian/testing and on my system I have 3 partitions, which are 
encrypted. All partitions are luks encrypted. Of colurse I know the passwords. 
These partitions are each mounted on /home, /usr and /var.

When I boot into the rescue mode of debian's installation cd, I cannot mount 
these partitions. Even when I start a shell and want to do for example 
"cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdX home" I get an error. 

Maybe you can help here. Either I am doing something wrong (i.e. I have to 
load some kernel modules manually) or these kernel modules are missinmg at 

I need at least aes-x86_64, dm-crypt and dm-mod. AFAIK the module sha256 is no 
more existent in the kernel.

Please enmlighten me, do I something wrong? If no, then please update the 
installation CD to the necessary things.

Thank you very much!

Best regards

Hans-J. Ullrich

Please direct any answer to my personal email-address or to debian-users, as I 
am not subscribed to this list. Thank you.

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