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Bug#788532: grub-efi-ia32-bin should be shipped on install DVD

Hi Steve

>> This is actually the responsibility of the debian-cd package,
>> reassigning.

I did not know that, thank you.
reportbug has a "debian-installer" flag, I assumed it was for this purpose.

> I'm the guy who's done the work for the mixed-EFI case here. How did
> you get the amd64 installer DVD to boot on your 32-bit UEFI system in
> the first place? That's an important (and harder) part of this. It's
> the reason why I explicitly only added support for mixed-EFI to our
> multi-arch i386/amd64 CDs and DVDs in the first place...

Actually, that was the easy part. Except for a custom built grub-efi-i386 and
some manual fiddling to find the install disc, I didn't need to do anything.

I've been experimenting with a bunch of Intel Bay Trail tablets lately, and
they all come with a full-featured (as far as Atom goes) 64bit Atom CPU.
However, since the manufacturers usually only fit 1 or 2 GB of RAM into their
devices, they ship with a 32bit Windows 8, and consequently, only a 32bit UEFI

All those UEFI BIOSes I've seen so far will boot any 32 or 64 bit Linux kernel
just fine, provided that:
- you have a 32bit EFI bootloader (like grub-efi-ia32)
- you disable Secure Boot or register the bootloader as trusted
- the 32bit bootloader will load a 64bit kernel (which grub-efi-ia32 does)

When building grub-efi, you also need to make sure that all necessary modules
are compiled in, as grub will refuse to load external modules in Secure Boot mode.

I should note though that not everything is running smoothly yet. On one
particular device, the installed system only boots occasionally, usually just
hanging at the Loading initrd... prompt. Further research is necessary.

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