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Re: Bug#788532: grub-efi-ia32-bin should be shipped on install DVD

On Fri, Jun 12, 2015 at 05:28:37PM +0100, Ian Campbell wrote:
>Control: reassign -1 debian-cd
>This is actually the responsibility of the debian-cd package,


>On Fri, 2015-06-12 at 15:17 +0200, Gregor Riepl wrote:
>> Package: grub-efi-ia32-bin
>> Version: 2.02~beta2-22
>> Severity: important
>> Tags: d-i
>> Dear Maintainer,
>> When installing Debian 8 on a system with a x86_64 CPU, but with a 32bit UEFI,
>> debian-installer correctly identifies the system as requiring a 32bit EFI Grub,
>> and thus tries to install grub-efi-ia32-bin.
>> However, this package is not contained on the amd64 installation DVD, requiring
>> an active internet connection to get the package from a package server. This
>> may not always be possible, for example when the network hardware is not
>> supported by the installed Linux kernel and no alternative network connection
>> is available.
>> Please add this package to the installation DVD so an internet connection is
>> not required during installation.

Hi Gregor,

I'm the guy who's done the work for the mixed-EFI case here. How did
you get the amd64 installer DVD to boot on your 32-bit UEFI system in
the first place? That's an important (and harder) part of this. It's
the reason why I explicitly only added support for mixed-EFI to our
multi-arch i386/amd64 CDs and DVDs in the first place...

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