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Re: arm64 and isohybrid


i wrote:
> > The name "Gap1" seems to stem from libisofs.

The cause was found and a fix is being tested meanwhile.

Steve McIntyre wrote:
> The Gap1 partition doesn't seem to cause any problems on the one
> device I've got handy for testing, anyway.

In any case it looks clueless.
(The stupid gap filler wanted to cover the backup GPT
 by a partition, whereas the less stupid partition
 writer truncated it to the permissible range.)

Steve McIntyre wrote:
> > > I've tried both with and without the "-partition_offset all" 
> > I assume you mean -partition_cyl_align, not -partition_offset.
> No, explicitly -partition_offset. I'd added -partition_cyl_align
> already as you said.

-partition_offset expects a block number as argument.
"all" is read as 0. Without -partition_offset 16, the
first GPT partition is supposed to be not mountable.

So some riddling remains on my side ...

i wrote:
> > It has to be tested whether
> >  -partition_hd_cyl 64 -partition_sec_hd 32
> > keeps up the alignment for images larger than 1 GiB (1024
> > cylinders).

Currently libisofs enlarges the cylinder size if the
number of cylinders exceeds 1024. But i am testing a change
now, which allows an unlimited number of "cylinders" for GPT.
  -partition_hd_cyl 64 -partition_sec_hd 32 -partition_cyl_align all
will ensure alignment to 1 MiB, if desired.

> I'll be honest, there's no rush for this for me.

This will leave more time for my tests.

My best wishes for Jessie's scheduled birth and all her
proud parents.

Have a nice day :)


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