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Re: ipw2x00 with WPA


On 2015-01-28, François P. Rotzinger wrote:
> Hi,
> Many thanks for the detailed answer!
> WPA Enterprise does not work for the full Jessie (amd64) OS (installed 
> on a fast USB stick). I removed these WPA Enterprise settings and 
> reconfigured them again without success twice. Unsecured Wifi 
> connections can always be established, but not the (highly) secured WPA 
> ones. Only the Gnome desktop is installed. 

You didn't actually specify how you configured your system for 
IEEE8021X. From these words I can only assume that you might have
used GNOME and network-manager (and I don't actually use 
network-manager myself). However this howto does look sane:


In particular the alternative configuration method via 
wpa_supplicant.conf should work, but the chapter about 
network-manager appears to be correct as well.

> Maybe, I messed up the system 
> by first installing the wrong firmware (ipw2x00) and subsequently the 
> iwlwifi one.

The firmware for both ipw2x00 and iwlagn/ iwlwifi are co-installable,
you just need to make sure to have the correct one - but there's no
problem with having any other firmware installed at the same time.
Unfortunately Intel made a rather unfortunate choice by calling some
of their modern wlan cards "Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2230", as this
is indeed quite easy to mix up with ipw2x00 (which only covers 
IPW2100B, IPW2200BG and IPW2915ABG, there is no similarity between
these old devices with externally acquired IP and Intel's modern, 
self-designed, chipsets covered by iwlwifi).

	Stefan Lippers-Hollmann

Post-scriptum:	I wouldn't be surprised if wheezy wouldn't work with
		IEEE8021X (and eduroam in particular), but jessie
		should work fine.

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