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Bug#743879: debian-cd: Fixes for hppa architecture (patch attached)


uploaded is a new (semi-stable) development snapshot


with the new features for PALO on HP-PA, which are now promised to
stay compatible in future releases.

MD5: 961939a15cdb2b9893fbe25f453d9ac4
Version timestamp :  2014.04.09.073038

debian-cd uses the mkisofs emulation. So see
  man xorrisofs
and search for "HP-PA" if you are interested in the documentation.

To Helge Deller:

Please check-read my descriptions of header versions 4 and 5 beginning at
  doc/boot_sectors.txt line 975
for terminology, unclear or false statements, ...

To debian-cd, especially Steve McIntyre:

I tested by re-packing
and checking whether El Torito and the various partition tables point
to the appropriate blocks.

The time gap between xorriso-1.2.6 and today's snapshot is 15 months.

So if xorriso-1.3.7 is to be used for general debian-cd, then
there should also be a call for heavy testing of the exotic arches.
(Except "powerpc", of course, which is still made by genisoimage.)

Have a nice day :)


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