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Bug#743879: debian-cd: Fixes for hppa architecture (patch attached)

Package: debian-cd
Version: 3.1.14
Severity: normal
Tags: patch

debian-cd is currently broken for the hppa/parisc architecture.

The attached patch to the tools/boot/jessie/boot-hppa file fixes three issues:
1. The bootloader on hppa is "palo". Remove one line in the script which tries to move a non-existant "delo.2nd" file.
2. On hppa/sid we now provide a 32bit-UP (vmlinux-*-parisc) and a 64bit-SMP kernel (vmlinux-*-parisc64-smp) only. Adapt the script to take this change into account. Specifically, a vmlinux-*-parisc (non-SMP) kernel doesn't exists any longer and as such it breaks the current debian-cd hppa script.
3. Feature: The hppa bootloader is now able to load gzipped-kernels. So, put gzip'ed kernels on the CD, which saves CD/netinst space.

It would be nice if you could apply this architecture-specifc patch to the next version of debian-cd.

diff -up ./tools/boot/jessie/boot-hppa.org ./tools/boot/jessie/boot-hppa
--- ./tools/boot/jessie/boot-hppa.org	2014-04-07 18:46:18.343475765 +0000
+++ ./tools/boot/jessie/boot-hppa	2014-04-07 18:48:37.291361920 +0000
@@ -30,7 +30,6 @@ if [ -z "$PALODEB" ] ; then
 (dpkg --fsys-tarfile "$MIRROR/$PALODEB" | \
     tar xf - -C . ./usr/share/palo/iplboot)
-mv boot/delo.2nd $CDROOT/boot/delo.2nd
 mv usr/share/palo/iplboot $CDROOT/install/iplboot
@@ -48,18 +47,19 @@ else
 	wget -r -nd --no-parent -P "$DI_DIR" "$DI_WWW_HOME"
-cp "$DI_DIR"/vmlinux-*-parisc "$CDROOT/install"
-cp "$DI_DIR"/vmlinux-*-parisc64 "$CDROOT/install"
+K32=$(basename "$DI_DIR"/vmlinux-*-parisc)
+K64=$(basename "$DI_DIR"/vmlinux-*-parisc64*)
+# palo >= 1.91 can load gzip-compressed Linux kernels
+gzip -c "$DI_DIR"/$K32 > "$CDROOT/install"/$K32
+gzip -c "$DI_DIR"/$K64 > "$CDROOT/install"/$K64
 cp "$DI_DIR"/initrd.gz "$CDROOT/install"
 install_languages "$CDROOT"
-K32=$(ls $CDROOT/install/vmlinux-*-parisc|head -1 | sed 's?^.*/install/?install/?g')
-K64=$(ls $CDROOT/install/vmlinux-*-parisc64|head -1 | sed 's?^.*/install/?install/?g')
 add_mkisofs_opt $CDROOT/../$1.mkisofs_opts "-hppa-cmdline '0/vmlinux initrd=0/ramdisk${KERNEL_PARAMS:+ $KERNEL_PARAMS}'"
-add_mkisofs_opt $CDROOT/../$1.mkisofs_opts "-hppa-kernel-32 $K32"
-add_mkisofs_opt $CDROOT/../$1.mkisofs_opts "-hppa-kernel-64 $K64"
+add_mkisofs_opt $CDROOT/../$1.mkisofs_opts "-hppa-kernel-32 install/$K32"
+add_mkisofs_opt $CDROOT/../$1.mkisofs_opts "-hppa-kernel-64 install/$K64"
 add_mkisofs_opt $CDROOT/../$1.mkisofs_opts "-hppa-bootloader install/iplboot"
 add_mkisofs_opt $CDROOT/../$1.mkisofs_opts "-hppa-ramdisk install/initrd.gz"

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