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Bug#740504: cdimage.debian.org: Released ISO images have invalid GPT tables


> the bug in question is supposed to have existed in upstream until 1.3.4?

It was introduced by 1.2.4 and fixed by 1.3.0.
So the version in Debian testing should be ok.
It's just that xorriso-1.3.6.pl01 is the newest upstream release,
which i would of course like to see in Debian testing.

The bug seems not to hamper booting.
But it keeps partition editors from recognizing the GPT.
gdisk for example says:
  Found invalid GPT and valid MBR; converting MBR to GPT format.

The bug is/was that the CRC number of the GPT header block was
computed from all 512 bytes, rather than from the 92 bytes which
actually bear information.

The fix is tested since a year. At two occurences in
libisofs/system_area.c, the number 512 needs to be replaced by 92:

-     crc = iso_crc32_gpt((unsigned char *) buf, 512, 0);
+     crc = iso_crc32_gpt((unsigned char *) buf, 92, 0);


If Debian decides to e.g. fix xorriso-1.2.6 on the debian-cd production
machine, then it would be helpful to also update the timestamp in
to e.g. 
  #define Xorriso_timestamP "2014.04.07.133000"
in order to indicate the fixed program version in the Preprarer Id
of the emerging ISO images.

Have a nice day :)


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