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Re: Bug#712696: debian-installer: Add Cinnamon and Mate as alternative DEs.

Steve McIntyre wrote:
> >I'm not sure we want to support every desktop environment out there… but
> >I guess tasks might not hurt, so punting that to tasksel. And adding
> >debian-cd@ to the loop, to get some feelings about whether new images
> >would sound like a vaguely sane idea (I'm really not sure).
> Adding new image options shouldn't be too difficult, but beware that
> we might even start to struggle for space on DVD#1 if we end up with
> lots of different desktops...!

I'm glad to see these are packaged now, and will be happy to add tasks
to tasksel. I don't have time to put the tasks together myself, but
it should be easy to put something together using task-gnome-desktop
as a starting place.

see shy jo

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