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Re: Re: Weekly (24 Feb '14) Jessie netinst amd64 iso hangs during installation


I've got the same issue with both weekly (2014-03-03) and daily
(2014-03-06-3) builds for an i386 expert installation: the "Scanning of
the CD-ROM" step was never ending.

I tried to investigate a bit and after killing the process "apt-cdrom
ident", it unlocked the "Scanning of the CD-ROM" step - but displayed an
error of course. So the issus seems to come from apt-cdrom but I don't
know why - which is really tricky for the rest of the installation...


I've got an other issue but I don't know if it's related. It's about
start-stop-daemon during the Grub installation step. Before installing
it - during the scanning freeze precisely - I've realized that there
were two of these files: /target/sbin/start-stop-daemon
& /target/sbin/start-stop-daemon.REAL. The issue is when grub-installer
is called, there is no start-stop-daemon anymore and so it failed... I
had to create an empty /sbin/start-stop-daemon file - otherwise the file
was never created - and then run "in-target dpkg --force-depends
-i /var/cache/apt/archives/dpkg_1.17.6_i386.deb" to "fix" that.

I succeed to install Debian Jessie finally, but with two workarounds for
these issues... I hope it will help to fix them!! Good luck and thank
you! If I can help you more, do not hesitate!


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