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Re: Changes for d-i, tasksel and d-cd


On 31/10/13 23:39, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> Secondly: xfce as default desktop? I'm tempted to do this regardless
> of the current init debate, if nothing else just to give us a useful
> *small* system from a single CD again.

I don't think I grasp the 'default desktop' concept or its implications.

If a CD contains all of XFCE, then surely XFCE should be the default.
On a GNOME DVD, I would expect GNOME to be the default, and so on.  If
that isn't the case, perhaps that should be implemented.

What would the 'default desktop' choice of tasksel affect otherwise?
Just netinst, netboot installs and `apt-get install task-desktop`?

Steven Chamberlain

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