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Re: Hello there! Davy Jones here from the Sunny Okanagan, Kelowna BC, Canada. Could I possibly...

Frank leTanque <get@tanque.pro> writes:

> Hey Davy, why not just download it here?
> http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop

Given that he's asking for a Debian CD, why are you pointing him at


  If you go to the main web page for Debian:


  you'll notice a green box in the top-right corner of the page:

    | |  Download Debian 7.2                |
    | V  (32/64-bit PC Network installer)   |

  if you click that, it'll allow you to download a small image that is
  enough to boot the installer on a machine.  The machine you're
  installing needs to be able to get to the Internet, as the installer
  then needs to download all the software you want to have installed
  after that.

  The image works for both 32 and 64 bit Intel/AMD machines, and will
  boot if you burn it onto a blank CD or DVD, or you can copy it onto a
  USB stick and it will make it bootable (that's by overwriting the
  contents of the stick, rather than by copying the file into a
  directory on the stick).

  The installation manual goes into the details:


  You could instead try a live CD, although I'm not sure which to
  recommend.  Grml is good for sysadmin work, and is pure Debian.
  Knoppix is great if you want a fully configured desktop, but I think
  includes some bits that are not in Debian.  There is a debian-live CD,
  but the one that fits on a CD is a bit useless, so you probably need
  the larger image, with gnome on it, which is fin if you wanted to burn
  it on DVD boot a VM.

  Hope that helps.

Cheers, Phil. 
|)|  Philip Hands [+44 (0)20 8530 9560]    http://www.hands.com/
|-|  HANDS.COM Ltd.                    http://ftp.uk.debian.org/
|(|  10 Onslow Gardens, South Woodford, London  E18 1NE  ENGLAND

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