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Hello there! Davy Jones here from the Sunny Okanagan, Kelowna BC, Canada. Could I possibly...

Hello there and good day to you!

I was looking around the Debian OS pages for the purpose of giving Debian a try. I am an Ubuntu user who will probably add the newest Debian alongside the Linux system I now have. I saw a page concerning the mailing of CDs or DVD with the up-to-date Debian Desktop system, however, I do not know if the Debian Project would send me a CD/DVD of the latest Operating System, but I have some hope eh, as I can remember asking someone with the Ubuntu Linux Project for the same, and they sent me a few over the years.

If I was more knowledgeable concerning computers and such, I would not bother you with such help as I do, but I would appreciate it indeed! If it is not something that can be done, please do receive my "thank you" for your time.

Have a prosperous day tomorrow, which will be for you, at the time of reading this message from me, today.

Davy Jones,

Unit #4 - 305 Cambie Rd
Kelowna, BC
Canada - V1X 3H9

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