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Re: Help with Wheezy CD testing on Saturday


> > already half on the way to EFI ?
Peter Chubb:
> It has always used EFI --- EFI was rolled out first to Itanium.

Shouldn't the El Torito Validation Entry bear a Platform Id of 0xef
then ? (That would be xorriso -as mkisofs option -e rather than -b.)
Id 0xef is not mentioned in El Torito 1.0, but GRUB and ISOLINUX use it.

Well, both images in question have the same Id 0x00. So it can hardly
be the reason for the difference in boot success.

> And I'll try repacking as you suggested.

The block address of boot.img as possible culprit is just a blind
guess of mine. It is based on your statement "The boot rom doesn't
recognise the CD as being bootable". I.e. that already the earliest
steps of booting failed.
These steps are about reading the boot block at address 17, reading
the address of the boot catalog, reading the boot catalog Validation
and Initial entries to learn the address and some properties of the
boot image file (here: /boot/boot.img).
At that point the job of the ISO 9660 El Torito meta data is done.
If boot.img wants data from the CD, then it will have to interpret
the ISO 9660 directory tree, which looks ok in both images.

Have a nice day :)


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