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Re: Troubles with debian-cd

Sorry about the delay.  The rest of my life caught up with me.

On Thu, 09 May 2013, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> On Tue, May 07, 2013 at 07:54:41PM +1200, Philip Charles wrote:
> >1.  When using xorriso 1.2.2 and the associated iso build
> >configuration the resulting image would not boot from a flash drive. 
> >A previous version of debian-cd was ok.
> My testing at the time *did* work IIRC. Maybe I missed something,
> though.

worked with xorriso 1.2.9  though.

> >2.  When building i386 images debian-cd ignored DISKTYPE and put
> >everything it could find into the image all 40+GiB.  I had not tried
> >building i386 on previous versions of debian-cd.  Using xorriso 1.2.9
> >and associated build config.

> As for
> the silly-sized image, I've not seen that before. If you check the
> log for make_disc_trees, it should explicitly list what the configured
> size is.

When using xorriso 1.2.9 the log file does say 650 Mib 332031 2k blocks
BUT about every 650k or so 'xorriso -as mkisofs ..' tries to run and fails 
and the build goes onto the next 650k.  This happens 63 times which 
squares with the final image size.
With xorriso 1.2.2 the build stops at 650k.
> >A  final point, the i386 DVD 1 has a peculiar structure.  Mind you it
> >works.
> What do you mean by "peculiar"? :-)

My misobservation, to put it politely.

I am hoping to try the latest svn version in the next few days.


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