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Re: Troubles with debian-cd

On Tue, May 07, 2013 at 07:54:41PM +1200, Philip Charles wrote:
>Hi folks,

Hi Philip,

>                      Thanks to Thomas Schmitt I got everthing done I 
>wanted done.  I had two problems with debian-cd

Hmmm, OK.

>1.  When using xorriso 1.2.2 and the associated iso build configuration 
>the resulting image would not boot from a flash drive.  A previous version 
>of debian-cd was ok.

My testing at the time *did* work IIRC. Maybe I missed something,

>2.  When building i386 images debian-cd ignored DISKTYPE and put 
>everything it could find into the image all 40+GiB.  I had not tried 
>building i386 on previous versions of debian-cd.  Using xorriso 1.2.9 and 
>associated build config.
>As I do funny things with debian-cd I work directly through makefile and 
>CONF.sh and I have noticed that ARCHES and COMPLETE are missing from 

ACK. They're not there by default; for most people that's fine. As for
the silly-sized image, I've not seen that before. If you check the
log for make_disc_trees, it should explicitly list what the configured
size is.

>A  final point, the i386 DVD 1 has a peculiar structure.  Mind you it 

What do you mean by "peculiar"? :-)

>It was great to see the iso's and jigdos up so quickly.  This must have 
>involved a lot of work.

It definitely kept us busy on Saturday, yes!

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