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Re: Bug#697868: network manager is installed when cd2 is also used

2013/1/13 Steven Chamberlain <steven@pyro.eu.org>:
> Hi,
> On 12/01/13 20:07, Praveen A wrote:
>> I think it is an important enough program to be on cd 1.
> Yes probably.  A user with only CD1 may need this before they are able
> to download more packages or CDs.  (I would have thought maybe synaptic
> as well for novice users?).

Yes, synaptic would be good too. Currently it installs
gnome-packagekit (gpk-application), so it is not that essential. If we
can swap it with synaptic in case of space constrains, that would be
good I think.

> I can think of a few ways this could be achieved:
> 1. add network-manager-gnome to debian-cd's tasks/wheezy/forcd1 - this
> is no good though, because forcd1 is used for other desktops and not
> just the (GNOME) CD1 (apt-offline was added to CD1 for similar reasons
> to this, see #630805;  also #231583: bpalogin, a long time ago);  just
> adding network-manager would not bring in the necessary GUI I think

mobile-broadband-provider-info would also be required but I think it
is a dependency already for network-manager-gnome. usb-modeswitch
would also be required to get the modem working. Not sure if this is
already in cd 1.

> 2. add network-manager-gnome specially to debian-cd's
> tasks/wheezy/Debian-gnome, after the forcd1 include - after all, we are
> just trying to manipulate what goes onto CD1.
> 3. add network-manager-gnome to gnome-core (seems inappropriate)

yes, there was big debate on it

> 4. add network-manager-gnome to tasksel's task-gnome-desktop as a
> required package - would this be sensible?  Should a task 'require'
> something maybe needed by a novice user to set up networking?
> Out of curiosity, I did some other analysis:  based on the
> popularity-contest file in debian-cd/3.1.10, current wheezy amd64 CD1
> only has complete coverage down to rank #148 (libgpm2).  And it has an
> assortment of odd packages all the way down to rank #34291 (caribou-antler).

Probably a good idea to replace all low ranked packages with libre
office. But that would be a too difficult, I guess.

> network-manager has rank #869.  There are 278 packages with higher
> popcon than network-manager that are not on CD1.  network-manager itself
> is quite big;  it also has a lot of dependencies, but fortunately all
> are on CD1 already.

Another could be wicd, but as its dependencies are already on CD1, it
would not be an issue.

> The unanswered question is still - what would be displaced by placing
> network-manager-gnome on CD1

Currently CD 1 has only 634M, so I guess some more additional package
could be sneaked in.

> The xfce CD has network-manager(-gnome).  So if you are limited by
> bandwidth, this desktop could be a better choice anyway due to lower
> install size and presumably smaller size of updates during its lifetime.
>  If a machine can only read CD-ROM but not DVD-ROM then it is probably
> quite resource-constrained, and xfce should be better than gnome3 in
> this regard also.

I figured that already as it has both network manager and Libre
Office. And most people may not like gnome 3.

> The (GNOME) CD1 becomes less useful as the distribution grows in size.
> On download pages and in documentation, I would think it best to promote
> the various DVD and USB images primarily, followed by either a GNOME CD
> *set* (suggesting CD1+2 minimum) or a single XFCE/LXDE CD, followed by
> the mini images for netinst/netboot/console-only etc.

Yes, the documentation needs update and people should be told about it
early on or they will end up disappointing.

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