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wheezy ISO creation


 I hope you don't mind me emailing list this but I'm stuck and googling debian-cd just brings up the main ISO images and the same information I've already read

I was inspired by thishttps://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/combining-debian-iso-files-to-dvd-381292/  to work out how to make a epic usb installer for my machines that have no internet access and as I had a local debian mirror I thought I would give debian-cd a try.

I'm using the debian-cd package from Sid, and I've got it to make a bootable 8GB USB image with firmware built in
But when it comes to scanning the cd image I'm given an error when loading installer components from the CD image, it passes the integrity checks on the installer image

I do get a 
W: GPG error: file: wheezy Release: No keyring installed in /home/mirror/tmp/apt/wheezy-amd64/apt/trusted.gpg.d/.
error while building but I've ignored that as when I read the logs in http://cdbuilder.debian.org/cdimage-log/ they seem to have the same error (different path)

at the moment I'm using basiclly a stock CONF.sh file with the locations changed for the repo and limiting to CD1
and have tried build.sh amd64 and easy_build.sh CD amd64 both fail with the same error 

many thanks in advance

Dick Thomas

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