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Re: Closing in for d-i wheezy beta 3

Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> (26/09/2012):
> FWIW I've prepared a few packages to unblock for d-i beta 3:
> […]

Here's another round. I uploaded some of them, merging somebody else's
work (hello Steve). grub2 could welcome another pair of eyes. All of
them are on my hints file.

## mostly l10n
unblock partman-base/159
unblock-udeb partman-base/159
unblock partman-basicfilesystems/75
unblock-udeb partman-basicfilesystems/75
unblock partman-ext2r0/1.25
unblock-udeb partman-ext2r0/1.25
unblock partman-nbd/0.15
unblock-udeb partman-nbd/0.15
unblock partman-newworld/28
unblock-udeb partman-newworld/28
unblock partman-target/79
unblock-udeb partman-target/79
unblock partman-zfs/21
unblock-udeb partman-zfs/21

## heaviers changes
# update mirror list:
unblock choose-mirror/2.41
unblock-udeb choose-mirror/2.41
# needs to wait for udev:
unblock dmraid/1.0.0.rc16-4.2
unblock-udeb dmraid/1.0.0.rc16-4.2
# EFI support:
unblock efi-reader/0.11
unblock-udeb efi-reader/0.11
# EFI support:
unblock grub-installer/1.79
unblock-udeb grub-installer/1.79
# XXX: second look appreciated
# xz compression + 4 RC bug fixes
unblock grub2/1.99-23
unblock-udeb grub2/1.99-23
# single bugfix for pf crash, no-op for d-i:
unblock kfreebsd-9/9.0-6
unblock-udeb kfreebsd-9/9.0-6
# XXX: KiBi-uploaded
# EFI support
unblock libdebian-installer/0.84
unblock-udeb libdebian-installer/0.84
# XXX: KiBi-uploaded
# EFI support
unblock lilo-installer/1.39
unblock-udeb lilo-installer/1.39
# plenty of encoding fun:
unblock localechooser/2.47
unblock-udeb localechooser/2.47
# fix support for partitioned md devices:
unblock parted/2.3-11
unblock-udeb parted/2.3-11
# XXX: KiBi-uploaded
# EFI support
unblock partman-auto/104
unblock-udeb partman-auto/104
# XXX: KiBi-uploaded
# EFI support
unblock partman-efi/27
unblock-udeb partman-efi/27
# XXX: KiBi-uploaded
# EFI support
unblock partman-partitioning/88
unblock-udeb partman-partitioning/88
# (Shift-)F10 + Gnome
unblock xkeyboard-config/2.5.1-2.1
unblock-udeb xkeyboard-config/2.5.1-2.1

> On a different note, I'll probably urgent a bunch of d-i packages,
> along with other newly-xz-compressed packages, so that we can perform
> some out-of-crontab weekly build tomorrow-ish to see how it goes.

I'll be doing that in a few minutes, excluding the above packages for
now, in case anyone comes up with any comments.


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