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Closing in for d-i wheezy beta 3


FWIW I've prepared a few packages to unblock for d-i beta 3:

# only/mostly l10n:
unblock apt-setup/1:0.72
unblock-udeb apt-setup/1:0.72
unblock arcboot-installer/1.18
unblock-udeb arcboot-installer/1.18
unblock flash-kernel/3.3
unblock-udeb flash-kernel/3.3
unblock network-console/1.39
unblock-udeb network-console/1.39
unblock nobootloader/1.36
unblock-udeb nobootloader/1.36
unblock partman-prep/24
unblock-udeb partman-prep/24
unblock prep-installer/0.17
unblock-udeb prep-installer/0.17
unblock quik-installer/0.0.30
unblock-udeb quik-installer/0.0.30
unblock sibyl-installer/1.24
unblock-udeb sibyl-installer/1.24
unblock silo-installer/1.23
unblock-udeb silo-installer/1.23
unblock yaboot-installer/1.1.23
unblock-udeb yaboot-installer/1.1.23

# heavier changes:
unblock brltty/4.4-5
unblock-udeb brltty/4.4-5
unblock cdebconf/0.175
unblock-udeb cdebconf/0.175
unblock lowmem/1.36
unblock-udeb lowmem/1.36
unblock os-prober/1.56
unblock-udeb os-prober/1.56
unblock rootskel-gtk/1.26
unblock-udeb rootskel-gtk/1.26

I've added those to my hints file, and will be processing more packages
showing up on the testing-summary page shortly. (In particular packages
matching partman-*.)

On the EFI side, Steve has finished merging things into the d-i source
package, and into the debian-cd build infrastructure, so we should be
reaching our target (freeze this week-end) nicely.

On a different note, I'll probably urgent a bunch of d-i packages, along
with other newly-xz-compressed packages, so that we can perform some
out-of-crontab weekly build tomorrow-ish to see how it goes.


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