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CD FAQ: Changes to "How do I write an ISO image under Windows?"

The attached diff is an attempt to tidy up the section on writing an ISO
image under Windows. It changes some links, deletes a section or two and
generally tries to adapt the section to the overall look and feel of the
CD FAQ page.

The first entries are described in brackets as "Freeware", whatever that
means. My preference would be "Provided free of charge" in the text
body, as is done for the last entry, but I've just deleted any reference
to free of cost throughout the section as presumably a user can work it
out for herself,

Some headings are of the form "Something from Somewhere". There may be a
reason for this but it is not emulated thoughout this section or the
previous one. Why not "Brasero from Philippe Rouquier and Luis Medinas"?
I've adjusted the headings.

Adaptec/Roxio Easy-CD Creator

The Adaptec link doesn't lead anywhere useful. The Roxio link gets you
Creator NXT. There is no sign of Easy-CD Creator so the validity of the
description is questionable. I've deleted this entry.

Nero from Ahead Software

Why do we need to know where the software is from? Isn't a link

WinOnCD Power Edition from CeQuadrat

The link was dead for me. Section deleted.

CD Extreme from Sony

The link connects with a home page. I've changed it to one where the
software can be downloaded.
--- index.wml	2012-09-09 15:15:28.000000000 +0100
+++ index-windows-burning.wml	2012-09-16 22:50:07.000000000 +0100
@@ -605,13 +605,13 @@
   <dt><strong><a name="imgburn"
-  (Freeware)</dt>
+  </dt>
   <dd>There are <a href="http://www.imgburn.com/index.php?act=screenshots#isowrite";>screenshots</a> of how to write an image to CD/DVD</dd>
   <dt><strong><a name="cdburnerxp"
   href="http://www.cdburnerxp.se/";>CDBurnerXP Pro</a></strong>
-  (Freeware)</dt>
+  </dt>
   <dd>The process of writing an <tt>.iso</tt> image is described <a
   href="http://www.cdburnerxp.se/help";>in the program's
@@ -619,24 +619,13 @@
   <dt><strong><a name="isorecorder"
-  Recorder</a></strong> (Freeware)</dt>
+  Recorder</a></strong></dt>
   <dd>This program can write <tt>.iso</tt> images on Windows 2003, XP
   and Vista.</dd>
-  <dt><strong><a NAME="adaptec" href="http://www.adaptec.com/";>Adaptec</a>\
-  /<a href="http://www.roxio.com/";>Roxio</a> Easy-CD Creator</strong></dt>
-  <dd>From the <i>File</i> menu, choose <i>Create CD from
-  image...</i>. Then select the <q>.iso</q> file type, and the correct
-  image. This opens up the CD creation setup GUI, from there
-  ensure that all the information for your CD-R is correct. In the
-  <i>Create options</i> portion, choose <i>Create CD</i>; under
-  <i>Write method</i>, choose <i>Track at once</i> and <i>Close
-  CD</i>.</dd>
-  <dt><strong><a NAME="nero">Nero</a> from
-  <a href="http://www.ahead.de/";>Ahead Software</a></strong></dt>
+  <dt><strong><a NAME="nero"
+  href="http://www.ahead.de/";>Nero</a></strong></dt>
   <dd>Disable the Wizard, then select <i>Burn Image</i> from the
   <q>File</q> or <q>Recorder</q> menu. Select <i>All Files</i> in the file
@@ -651,16 +640,8 @@
   and <i>Determine maximum speed</i>, plus check the <i>Finalize
   CD</i> option.</dd>
-  <dt><strong><a NAME="winoncd">WinOnCD Power Edition</a> from
-  <a href="http://www.cequadrat.com/";>CeQuadrat</a></strong></dt>
-  <dd>You have to select <i>Track Image</i> (<strong>not</strong>
-  <i>CD Image</i>!) in this program. File format is <q><i>2048 -
-  Mode 1 or Mode 2 Form 1 Data only</i></q> and Track format
-  <q><i>CD-Rom Mode 1</i></q>.</dd>
-  <dt><strong><a NAME="cdextreme">CD Extreme</a> from
-  <a href="http://www.storagebysony.com";>Sony</a></strong></dt>
+  <dt><strong><a NAME="cdextreme"
+  href="http://sony.storagesupport.com/node/7068";>CD Extreme</a></strong></dt>
   <dd>Choose <i>New Job...</i> from the <i>File</i> menu. Then
   select <i>Global-Image</i> or <i>Other Image</i>. This opens up
@@ -677,8 +658,8 @@
   Resource Kit Tools</a></strong></dt>
-  <dd>The command-line Resource Kit Tools are provided by Microsoft
-  free of charge, they work with Windows 2003 and XP. Two programs to
+  <dd>The command-line Resource Kit Tools 
+  work with Windows 2003 and XP. Two programs to
   write images to CD and DVD are included, they are named
   <tt>Cdburn.exe</tt> and <tt>Dvdburn.exe</tt>. Usage of the programs
   is described in the accompanying help file - essentially, the

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