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Towards d-i wheezy beta 3


tiny wrap-up for beta 2: the release happened one week after the
prospective date. Some tiny delays on various fronts added up and
explain that, but the overall results don't seem too bad to me.

That's why I'm going to propose the same timing for beta 3: 3 weeks for
development and bug fixes (let's call it a “merge window”), 1 week for
dealing with udeb-related unblock requests, building/testing images and
preparing release announcement.

The FTP Team Sprint is scheduled 2012-09-14 → 2012-09-21, but that
should still leave enough time for development.

Dates would be:
  2012/09/29-30: d-i wheezy beta 3 merge window closes.
  2012/10/06-07: d-i wheezy beta 3 is released.

Features expected to be merged:
 - UEFI support (Steve). Before anyone asks, and as far as I can tell:
   it's not about supporting secure boot.
 - IPv6 support in d-i (Philipp).
 - Possibly more xz-related unblocks (Ansgar).

If anybody wants to see something land into this release, it would be
nice to mention it now instead of after the end of the merge window.


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