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Bug#678066: Proposal to simplify PowerPC CD/DVD boot options

On 08/30/12 06:57, Milan Kupcevic wrote:
On 08/30/2012 03:00 AM, Rick Thomas wrote:

Regardless, I'm trying to write a comprehensive set of notes on booting
Apple PowerMacs from USB drives, and it would be nice to have this part
fully documented.

Is there something I can tell people to do at the OF prompt that will
load and run the stage-one boot loader?
I was not able to figure out how to do it from OF. Apple machines are
looking for the blessed file if 'C' key is held pressed during the
machine start-up. It is the "official" manufacturer prescribed way to
boot a Mac from a CD/DVD.

I tried
    boot usb0/disk@1:2.\\:tbxi

This appears to load the stage-one boot loader, but unfortunately, the stage-one is apparently looking for a physical CD and gives up when it doesn't find one. I suppose I could change the "cd" devalias to point to the USB stick, but that might have unknown ramifications later on that would be messy when you want to boot from the physical CD-ROM.

I guess I'll just warn folks that they need to use "install32" if they don't have a G5 machine.



PS: As you say, what I'm trying to do is only partially supported by Apple, and doing unsupported stuff may have unpredictable results. It's probably best to leave well-enough alone.

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