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Re: NEWS - 2 Weekly "wheezy" from jigdo file md5sum errors

On Friday 06 April 2012 12:29:29 Alex wrote:


> Now .iso image file "debian-testing-i386-DVD-1.iso" is GOOD !!!
> Of course, also the other .iso images have the same problem.
> But, how can jigdo-lite lose files during the run my script file ???
> My script file is always the same for years and his problem occurs only for
> a few weeks.
> Suggestions ???

It is surely possible that some files could not be downloaded from the normal 
and from the fallback mirrors (for instance due to lost network connection), 
in which case jigdo-lite will give up (e.g. faced with no connection at all). 
In that case jigdo-lite should not produce the message 'OK: Checksums match, 
image is good!', and I doubt it has said so, therefore your own script should 
trap the return codes from jigdo-lite invocations and behave appropriately, 
also your won script should gather the stdout and stderr outputs from jigdo-
lite so they can be reviewed for possible failures.

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