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Re: 2 Weekly "wheezy" from jigdo file md5sum errors


> The output is huge because of the wget messages on the console, I think.
> How can I mute only that ?

"you can make wget more quiet by adding --non-verbose to the wgetOpts
 switch in your ~/.jigdo-lite file. If you want wget to print no messages
 at all, use --quiet in the wgetOpts switch.

But it is not clear whether suppressing messages might hide what we look for.

> Next, I download full .iso image for checking if this problems also afflicts
> a simple download with FileZilla.

This might be a whole different endeavor.
You should first strive for getting the message log of a failed download.

If you want to make bandwidth-eating experiments, you could try whether
the problem is in any way bound to "Files to scan". I.e. do not enter
the addresses of your local older file trees. SO all files will be loaded
from the mirrors.

Or you could try to remove file  jigdo-file-cache.db  in order to
force jigdo-lite to re-compute the checksums of your local "Files to scan".
See also

Have a nice day :)


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