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Re: libburn/libisofs/libisoburn - point release, t-p-u or bpo


* George Danchev <danchev@spnet.net> [2011-06-18 14:45:43 CEST]:
> [libburnia story]

 I can't speak for the stable release team, but I guess they won't
approve the changes you have outlined here. They sound pretty intrusive
and like complete overhauls to me.

 Speaking with my backports team hat on, if the changes that you will do
to the package that you take from testing are kept to a minimum (you
mentioned newer binary packages - I would take it they are also in
testing, not only in the planned backport?) I don't see much of a
problem to have them offered through backports.

 Also, as you need them for the cdbuilder host, and I can just guess
that DSA is administering that box too, they are fine with taking
packages from squeeze-backports if they are told so through an RT

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