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libburn/libisofs/libisoburn - point release, t-p-u or bpo

Dear Release and Backports teams,

Our libburnia packages (src:libburn/libisofs/libisoburn) in squeeze are 
rapidly getting way too old as compared to these found in sid and testing. The 
versions currently found in squeeze do not support JTE (jigdo Template 
Export), lack quite some other features, and does not violate ECMA-119 when if 
might be argued to be appropriate, #630714.

Rationale: squeeze is used on pettersson (cdbuilder host) and recently Kenshi 
Muto asked me to provide newer versions of libburnia to squeeze. Perhaps other 
Debian image building teams like (live- and cut-) would find that useful too, 
and of course we get more testing in return :-)

To have all that support in squeeze, the jigit (libjte for JTE support) 
package should be backported too. The source package of jigit is in squeeze 
proper, but the newers versions from sid would introduce two more binary 
packages (libjte-dev and libjte1). We can of course backport libburnia stack 
to squeeze with the JTE support, but this would be a significant shortcut in my 

Also, unlike the versions curently found in squeeze, the packaging in sid 
switched from cdbs + debsrc 1.0 to dh + debsrc 3.0 (quilt). That won't 
introduce unsolvable issues in my opinion, will it?

We will have new upstream release RSN, which mostly introduce corner case 
bugfixes. I think that having these reside in sid until they reach testing and 
then worry about backporting them to squeeze would be the right way to go.

However, I'd rather ask in advance what would be the most appropriate way to 
have the libburnia stack from testing/sid offered for squeeze?


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