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Re: Customizing the 1st cd from the cdset of debian: network-free installing hangs just before bootloader install asking for cd


I am still stucked here!

I have to deep investigate the possible causes of this issue... the
point is that, besides preseeding, I inserted new packages to the cd
(udeb and debs)...

However, my cd is able to finish (when I press ESC and jump to expert
mode, step by step installing on the last stages), however, it seems
that the boot loader installer stage is a little bit confused.

2011/5/27  <CACook@quantum-sci.com>:
> Same problem here.
> I'm using the 23 May, AMD64, CD iso of Testing in the KDE flavor, in Expert mode and Graphical Expert.  After all packages are installed it stops and asks me:
> /cdrom/:Please insert the disk labeled: 'Debian GNU/Linux_testing_Wheezy-Official snapshot amd64 KDE'

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