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Just Feedback

Dear Debian-cd-team,

I just installed debian/testing from scratch. For this, I am using debian-

Everything worked fine, but when I wanted to upgrade from the net, it could not 
install the packages, as "awk" was missing. awk is not installed by default (I 
choose the profile, what most users might use: base, graphical desktop and 
laptop). Installing package "gawk" fixed the problem, not a big thing. 

But maybe, you might want to add "awk" into the default installation list?

Everything else went fine. However, I still found no way, to mount encrypted 
partitions (in my case it is /home, /usr and /var) during the installation 
process and keep them. 

Also, if I mount a partition and want to keep files, the installer routine is 
stopping and prohibits to go on (but that thing might be a knowledge problem, 
as I need to install debian sooo seldom. It is just running. :)  )

However, these things will not needed by many people, maybe only by me, and of 

Generally I like the installer if you d o not need special things like me (and 
most people won't!), then debian is really(!) easy to install! Great work!

Thank you very much for it!

Best regards


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