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ISO images of Debian 3.0 (woody) corrupted

I need to install Debian 3.0. However, the only source I could find
apparently has corrupted iso images.
I was using http://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/archive/ and I have
tried three alternative ways to get the ISO: a) ISO image in 7 CD, b)
ISO image in 1 DVD, and c) using jigdo to build an ISO image.

The downloaded ISO images from methods a) and b) are corrupted (the
sha1 hash is different, as some .deb files are corrupted). And using
the c)  approach doesn’t work either because jigdo fails to obtain
some old packages…

Does someone know where can I get such version of the Debian
distribution? Maybe some of the more seasoned developers have some old
ISO copy laying around there, or some mirror with ISO images.


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