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Re: who is filling /cdrom/firmware directory

On Thu, May 05, 2011 at 01:48:56PM +0200, votdev@gmx.de wrote:
>can anyone give me a tip which component/script is creating and
>filling the /cdrom/firmware directory if non-free firmware packages
>are included on the debian installer cd?

There's a few places, in the debian-cd code.

If the disc set is generated with FORCE_FIRMWARE=1 (e.g. in CONF.sh),
then the relevant packages will be included via tools/sort_deps (and
listed in $dir/firmware-packages).

Later on, tools/make_disc_trees.pl will look in that file for the list
of packages. If the package *currently* being added to the disc
temporary tree is listed, then a symlink is created at the same time.

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