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Re: task packages support in debian-cd

Steve McIntyre wrote:
> Right, so you mean #1 above. My initial way would be something like
> #1, basically because it's easiest to code, BUT: the normal dependency
> following code will only place the task package *itself* on the CD iff
> all of the Depends and Recommends have already been placed there. We'd
> have to add special case code for the task packages if we want to
> change that.

Right, it should be depth-first, but with the exception that a task can
be put on the CD even if its Recommends don't fit.

Without that, gnome will surely not fit on the first CD.

> >BTW, I hope this will make it a lot easier to check what tasks fit on
> >the CD, since we can just look to see where task-* ends up.
> And this suggests that we probably *shouldn't* do that special casing,
> in fact.

No, I think it's fine if some of the dregs of gnome doesn't make it onto
the CD, as long as it has the task and depends and whatever recommends
_do_ fit.

> If I understand you correctly, the main thing we have to do to achieve
> what we need is to switch *on* inclusion of Recommends: for our
> builds.

I don't know that we want that in general. Tasks have always been a
special case. One way approach it would be to have tools/update_tasks
just dump out lists of all tasks's Depends/Recommends like it dumps
out lists based on Key/Task now.

see shy jo

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