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Corrupted DVDs


Is it just me or have you been getting any feedback regarding corrupted DVD ISO images from the various mirrors?  I have downloaded and burned 6 images all resulting in the inability to boot.  Some images could not even be read when opened for exploration - the text & html files resulted in a screenful of garble regardless of which editor I used:  Gedit, Vim, GVim, Emacs 23, nedit, leafpad all produced corrupted characters.

 I've downloaded these images with Multiget, KGet & wget via HTTP protocol and all the images came up with different MD5SUMS.  In spite of this I proceeded to burn the images in hopes that maybe these were updated images and the posted MD5SUM files had yet to be updated.

When would you suggest a good time would be to download some sound images after the mirrors have resynced to the corrected ISO images?



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