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Bug#603536: Linux on POWER Bootable ISO

Quoting Milan Kupcevic (milan@physics.harvard.edu):
> Official Debian PowerPC install iso images wont boot on my two machines
> because IBM OpenFirmware on IBM RS/6000 44P Model 170 and IBM SLOF
> firmware on YDL PowerStation are not able to read files from isofs.
> Unofficial Debian Install CD created with --iso-level 4 mkisofs option
> boots fine on both machines.
> Linux on POWER Bootable ISO HOWTO [1] instruction says:

Steve McIntyre applied your patch to debian-cd. Could you confirm
whether that fixes this issue (by checking daily builds, I guess)? 

The bug is not closed yet, but I suspect this is because the debian-cd
package hasn't been uploaded yet, am I wrong, Steve?

This issue is listed as a blocker on
http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/ReleaseAnnounce, hence my question.

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