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squeeze testing weekly businesscard 12-14-2010 manual crypto, grub issues

Hi, here's a report of my experience; please let me know if I need to
open individual bugs against packages (and which packages).

I installed using "guided, use whole disk with encrypted LVM", which
worked flawlessly.

I then repartitioned, installed Vista (leaving unpartitioned space),
then tried the same CD again.  I installed using "manual"
partitioning, made an encrypted LVM, and had two issues:

1. somehow /etc/crypttab wasn't written and the initrd didn't start
the crypto.  Not sure if this was because I added another logical
drive after I setup the encrypted volume and LVM inside of it.  I saw
a warning about not making changes to "outside" partitions after
setting up an encrypted volume, and was surprised the menu let me
continue anyway.  I guess the warning indicates a known bug.  I was
able to get booted up from the initrd by invoking "cryptsetup luksOpen
/dev/sda7 sda7_crypto" followed by "lvm" "vgscan" "vgchange -ay" and
"exit".  After booting, I was able to repair the problem by putting
"sda7_crypto /dev/sda7 none luks" into /etc/crypttab and running

2. debian installer detected Vista and said it was putting it into the
grub menu, but actually didn't (I had a grub menu of only GNU/Linux
and GNU/Linux recovery mode).  After booting, running update-grub
correctly added two more boot options (Vista and a Windows Recovery

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