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Re: no weekly amd64 (jigdo) DVD's seen on http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/

in-line :-

On Mon, Dec 20, 2010 at 11:23, Don Wright <wdinst@wricomp.net> wrote:


> Perhaps this just happened, but looking at the middle of that page I
> find  (trimmed for clarity):
>>Or install the current weekly snapshot of Debian testing which uses
>> the same version of the installer as the last release:
>>    * full CD/DVD sets
>         < ... >
>>    * full CD/DVD sets (via bittorrent)   < ... >
>>      CD:      [amd64][i386]
>>    * full CD/DVD/Blu-ray sets (via jigdo)   <<<< Big Flashing Arrow Here
>>      CD:      [amd64]   < ... >
>>      DVD:     [amd64]   < ... >
>>      BD:      [amd64][i386][source]
> Is that what you were looking for?

My bad. It seems the links shift up a bit in bigger sized fonts. I saw
that the amd64 builds are indeed the first ones, its just the way they
look on my browser with my settings which screwed up the whole thing.
Haven't fixed it.... yet (at my end), but now I know.

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